EBS - a SAFE crowdinvesting platform

International investment infrastructure for businesses and private persons
12 дней
10 часов
8 минут
59 секунд
50% discount
€0,5 per token
*the number of tokens remained you can see in your personal account
Invest and receive a share of the company’s profits!
Token holders will be able to:
  • receive payouts according to the results of the business year
  • to sell their tokens after the ICO
  • or exchange them for EBS promissory notes of corresponding nominal value and receive up to 36% in yearly profits


Be the first to invest in the ICO and buy tokens at favourable terms
Dates: 01.11.2017 - 01.12.2017
1 EVRToken = € 0,5
Up to
€ 548 000
will be sold
937 889.53 Tokens
Pause: 01.12.2017 - 10.01.2018
After required amount is raised After the aforementioned amount of tokens is sold the discount will be cancelled

*50% 393127.63 Tokens, 40% 333333.33 Tokens, 30% 211428.57 Tokens

1 EVR = € 0,9
Up to
€ 5 000 000
will be sold
5 555 555 Tokens
1 Stage
Dates: 10.01.2018 - 10.04.2018
1 EVR = € 0,91
Up to
€ 10 000 000
will be sold
5 494 505 Tokens
2 Stage
1 EVR = € 0,92
Up to
€ 15 000 000
will be sold
1 096 000 Tokens
3 Stage
1 EVR = € 0,93
Up to
€ 20 000 000
will be sold
1 096 000 Tokens
4 Stage
1 EVR = € 0,94
more than
€ 20 000 000
5 Stage
Discounts will be available until April the 4th of 2018. After that the price of 1 EVR Token will equal € 1:
1EVRToken = €1


Receive interest from your tokens
At the end of a business year 30% of the Company’s profits will be divided between investors depending on the amount of tokens they are holding
36% yearly interest from your invested funds
After the end of the ICO exchange your tokens for EBS notes in order to receive additional 36% yearly interest from your invested funds. You can also select other companies’ notes presented on the EBS Platform
to receive profit right away
You can also sell your tokens after the end of the ICO to receive profit right away

Invest now!

Elements of the EBS

Emitting company A company that emits promissory notes on its own terms and undertakes the fulfillment of the commitments set forth in the note
Expert evaluation For the purpose of protecting the interests of investors, EBS carries out financial and legal evaluations of all applying projects in order to select potentially profitable ones
A crowdinvesting online platform that allows companies from around the world to emit promissory notes and sell them for cryptocurrencies and/or fiat currencies
Official exchange where internal tokens (the ones that will be emitted after the ICO) can be exchanged for fiat currencies at the rate 1 EVR Token = € 0,97, as well as for other currencies
Broker’s board
An open exchange where members can resell promissory notes ownership rights at predetermined prices and exchange notes for goods and services
Investor Purchases promissory notes of companies with cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies and receives profit in accordance with the purchased promissory notes
International representative offices A network of offices where it will be possible to purchase, receive or leave promissory notes for storage. It will also be possible to order the shipping of notes by post or courier delivery

Prototype service EBS - E-VEKSEL.RU - already brings profit to it's users

Advantages of the EBS system

Safety the safety of investments is guaranteed by exchange laws. Investments have documentary evidence - the promissory note
Flexible emission two ways to collect funds and the option to select your own terms
Companies from a wide range of countries can participate as emitters on the Platform
Offices in many countries Ensures quality support for investors and emitters from different countries
Ownership transfer Инвестор имеет возможность выйти из проекта путём рефинансирования инвестиций
Audit Projеcts are offered legal, financial and technical auditing services
Favourable financial conditions a 5% commission, no hidden costs, presentation on the platform is free
A flexible payouts system The Platform works with projects that allow rewards in goods as well as monetary payouts
Combined funding The Platform supports cryptocurrencies as well as traditional means of funding
Lowered tax burden Using promissory notes allows the emitter to pay less in taxes
Circumvention of funding limitations Circumvention of funding limitations in some countries
Quick scaling of the system in order to make it usable in different countries is made possible by international law and the lack of mandatory licensing


Дорожная карта Дорожная карта

EVRToken - Tokens EBS

1EVRToken = 1€
EVRToken - are EBS tokens that can be bought on the Platform. Investors receive annual interest from the Company, and can exchange tokens for EBS promissory notes or notes of other companies, or just sell the tokens after the ICO for quick profit.
Token holders will receive 30% of the annual income of the company divided between them according to the amount of tokens they are holding. After the development of the Platform is complete
EVR Token holders will also be able to exchange them (at the rate 1 EVR = 1 EUR) for EBS promissory notes or the promissory notes of other companies presented on the Platform
After the end of the ICO, special tokens for internal use will be emitted


ICO funds allocation

80% - marketing 20% - Development preparations
50% - Creation of international representative offices 27% - Marketing and advertising 17% - Development of services 5% - Team member wages 1% - Advisor wages

Invest now!

Our Team

ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Lyudmila Bogatskaya
Founder and director or successful projects in the field of trade and services. Head of the charity fund "The future of the nation"
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Aleksey Liotkin
Technical Director
Alexey has completed over 16 IT projects, and has extensive knowledge of C++ and MySQL
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Tamara Vinogradova
Public Relations/Marketing
Has more than 5 years of experience in administrative and secretary work and extensive knowledge of the records management field.
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Elena Barteneva
Over 20 years of experience in the financial sector.
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Olesya Lutskaya
Leading lawyer in the field of IT projects.
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Andrey Volkov
Legal counsel
Participant and prize-winner of regional, state and international scientific and research-and-practice conferences on law and legal issues. Author of scientific articles on criminal, labor, agrarian and land law.
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Dmitry Pshenin
Specialists in the leasing department. Investment and management companies. Director of Development in StartTrack, Head of IPOboard - Private Equity & Venture Capital Exchange at the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Anatoly Zhirikov
Has numerous completed projects, such as Biopipe (http://biopipe.ru/), WinPul (http://www.winpul-rm.ru/) and http://c-pult.ru/
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Alexey Lumpov
Founder of ECC "Invest-Project", expert on investment projects. Author of the book "Business planning of investment projects"
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Maxim Pushkarev
Technical support, sysadmin
A graduate of the Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy, devoted himself to IT technologies
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Roman Pristinsky
Lead Developer, Programmer
More than 10 years of experience with asp.net and C# programming. Successfully builds large IT projects
ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
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The blockchain technology offers a secure way of storing data. All transactions, deals and contracts are stored in the blockchain. This registry is not stored in a particular location - it is decentralized, which means that it is spread across thousands of computers around the world. Every user of this network can access the up-to-date version of this database at any time, but nobody is able to edit it. This makes the system very transparent to all users. Through the EBS platform a note holder will be able to initiate ownership transfer. In this case a smart contract is created and the endorsement and a unique contract identificator are recorded in the blockchain. The contract identificator is later used for free exchange of note ownership rights (which is also recorded in the blockchain).

Cryptocurrency is a digital (virtual) currency. The monetary unit of cryptocurrencies is usually called a coin. The coin is protected against forgery since it is basically encrypted information that can not be copied. EBS allows its users to purchase and sell promissory notes with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Our goal is to create a solid online investment platform where it would be possible to buy and sell using cryptocurrencies.

Emitter (Issuer) - a company, state, constituent region or municipal authority that issues (emits) valuable securities to finance and expand their operations. On the EBS platform, an emitter first has to make an application that states the terms of their emission of promissory notes. After a due diligence, during which the reasonableness of the emission is examined, EBS will sign an agreement with the company and provide support.

The EVR Token is the payment unit of the EBS Platform. It is meant to facilitate interactions between investors, EBS and emitters. The token also acts as a means of recording note ownership transfer and payment obligations data.

If you buy EVRTokens for €1000 with a 50% discount, you will receive monthly payouts at your annual interest of 36%, and you will also be able to earn back the amount you invested in 36 months. Your earnings in this case will equal €1580, and your profit will equal 316% of the initial investment.

Investor - a person or organization (including companies, states, etc.) making an investment for the purpose of making profit. If a project turns out to be unprofitable, the capital is lost in whole or in part. The interests of investors on the EBS Platform are protected, since promissory notes are legally recognized in the whole world. Investors always have a choice: either invest everything in a single project, or split their capital between several projects, based on risk assessment. Also, EBS undertakes due diligence examination of all applications regarding financing of projects and businesses.

The promissory note is a security, written in a specific form and confirming the transition of one liability into another liability and giving the holder the right to receive a certain amount of money from the promissor. It is an unconditional obligation for payment that is recognized in the whole world in line with the provisions of the 1930’s Geneva Convention. On the EBS Platform investors are protected by exchange law, and the security of all transactions is ensured by smart contracts and the blockchain technology.

The smart contract is a computer algorithm used for contract placement and support in the blockchain. There is a system for automatic transactions based on the smart contract technology integrated into the EBS platform, which ensures the security and transparency of all operations.

During the Presale stage the cost of 1 Token starts at €0,5. After the Presale 1 Token will cost between €0,90 and €0,96. By buying tokens during the Presale stage an investor can expect a profit of 316% of their initial investment if they hold a promissory note for 3 years.

The Broker’s Board is an open exchange where note ownership rights can be sold or purchased for various currencies and EVRTokens.

The EBS Exchange - an official exchange where currencies and EVRTokens can be sold or exchanged at a predetermined rate (1 EVRToken= € 0.97).

1. Go to the “contracts” tab
2. Scroll down to “watch token”
3. When a window opens, enter the contract address in the “token contract address” field. The other fields will be filled automatically.
EVR address: 0x07Beff0024038493083d6D52E3C24848ec456fC3

EBS is a multifunctional online platform that allows companies from around the world to emit promissory notes and sell them to investors for cryptocurrency or/and fiat money. Promissory notes can also be resold on investor's terms on the Broker's Board. The EVRToken is the internal payment unit of the platform. The token is used for executing transactions and can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or fiat money at a predetermined rate at the Exchange, which is also a part of the EBS platform. All transactions are secure, transparent and executed using the smart contract and blockchain technology.

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