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ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Lyudmila Bogatskaya

About the company

Some time ago, I was involved in the development of a digital school diary and a digital journal. That was my first IT project. It is good to see that modern technology is being implemented into our lives at such a fast pace, and I firmly believe that it is very important to promote and develop it. Today our digital journal is widely used in Russia and Israel.

As an experienced businessperson, I know very well how hard it can be to acquire funding for business extension or for a new project. We encountered the very same issue when we just started out. We are specialists in internet-based technology, and to complement our team we invited lawyers and economists. Together we developed and successfully tested the prototype for the EBS System. The platform was a success: the combination of simplicity and user-friendliness together with the overall public interest in crowdfunding made it extremely popular. We decided to go further and take the platform to an international level. The Russian market is complicated and unpredictable. However, its harsh economic conditions did not prevent us from achieving our goal.

Confidence in the team, in my opinion, is very important for the success of a project. Our team has been through a lot of hoops during the course of development. Their enthusiasm is compelling; it is one of the things that inspire me the most. They are not just professionals - they are dreamers who strive to benefit humanity.

About online investing

The main issue with online investing is that the interests of investors are not being protected. We understand that this puts off many potential investors. Our project, on the other hand, is a very secure environment for people who would like to invest. Promissory note exchanges are regulated by law. Every emitter signs a specific contract for their emission. Smart contracts and the blockchain technology guarantee security on a level undreamed of so far.

The EBS Platform is simple and user friendly, investing there is made easy for not only financiers and big companies, but also for anyone with a computer. Hosting a project on our platform, on the other hand, is a different matter. We work only with companies that we trust. We conduct a thorough financial examination on all submitted projects, evaluate profitability and relevance.

The key idea of EBS is the simplification of the note turnover process

This idea is appealing to companies from all around the world since now they can use our unique, modern and convenient service. We can help them get acquainted with cryptocurrency and online investing and start profiting.

Our conditions for emitters are pretty liberal. Companies get to determine the interest they can afford to pay investors, the period for which the investment is required and when to pay out interest earnings while we provide the platform where those investors can be found.

About the ICO

EVR is the link between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Since EVR is pegged to the Euro, it allows for the accounting of payments of bills and for interaction with cryptocurrencies.

Crowdfunding platforms are very popular. Kickstarter alone helped successfully fund hundreds of thousands of projects for the total amount of several billion dollars by attracting tens of millions of investors. Yet there are still issues that put off potential big investors, and those issues must be addressed.

EBS is a platform that will be able to provide legal guarantee while keeping the process simple. The project will open up new possibilities for funding bigger and more lucrative projects.

Cryptocurrency is an important part of our project. The implementation of the EBS technology will help speed up the process of bringing cryptocurrencies on par with fiat currencies and this will definitely open new opportunities for investing.

Every investor who supports EBS gets a platform where they will be able to profit and find projects that might interest them.

Our platform grows as we expand our network of representative establishments in other countries and develop our marketing campaign. We aim to attract new investors and experts and create a unique community of professionals - one that is capable of taking cryptocurrency to a whole new level.

EBS is a game changer for the investment market.

ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Andrey Volkov
Legal counsel

My main areas of activity within the project are the legal backing of the project, drawing up various legal documents and legal analysis of decisions before their implementation.

It has to be said that the cryptocurrency area is a pretty unusual area for legal practitioners. It is a demanding challenge since the lack of traditional regulations creates a legal limbo. Taking into account the vigor with which Russian law-making organs try to regulate (in a strictly mandatory manner) every aspect of our social relations, the emergence of a regulatory structure is a certain, yet somewhat scary prospect. Every day, as a member of the EBS team I face new and original challenges, which force me to look for appropriate solutions, that, on one hand, would be based on existing legal principles, and on the other, take into account the specificity of relations and investing issues in the cryptocurrency field.

As our project reaches supranational level, I expect that we will be able to interact with foreign partners and study private international law.

ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Tamara Vinogradova
Public Relations/Marketing

I do not have much experience in IT compared to many other members of our team, yet I make up for it with strong enthusiasm. I am in charge of client relations, I help execute the issue of promissory notes and do other important paperwork. Multitasking is probably one of the first things I learned as a member of the EBS team. I know all of the current emitters in person and I really hope that they find investors for all of their projects. It is really amazing to see the passion these people put into their work. Often the only thing standing between them and their goal is the inability to attract investors. This is where we, EBS, step in. We help people in the most practical way imaginable: we give them a fishing rod instead of fish.

Banks, funds and the bureaucratic system in general infringe on people’s rights all the time, and it is not hard to realize who profits the most in such situations. This is why EBS was created. It is a unique instrument that promotes financial equality - a state of affairs in which there are no losers, nobody’s rights are interfered with and the interests of investors and emitters are being respected. The time of rich entities deciding our fates is coming to an end. Now it is time for fair play, and this is what EBS promotes.

ICO: Electronic Bill  System | EVRToken. International Investment Service
Roman Pristinsky
Lead Developer, Programmer

The EBS system is intriguing in its duality: on one hand it is a high-tech, innovative platform created in accordance with the latest developments in software engineering. On the other hand, and it’s what I’m responsible for, it is a simple and user-friendly instrument for both investors and emitters.

Our smart contracts are based on the secure transaction technology. This gives us a lot of advantages: a note’s ownership is confirmed by tokens, and all information on ownership transfers is recorded in the blockchain.

During the course of development the EBS platform will turn into a database containing information on promising companies, which in turn will attract big investors willing to profit from smart and secure investing. All in all, EBS is a peculiar project that will benefit all of its participants.

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